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Hm, well I mean you weren't lying when you said it was hectic, but the movement is really really awkward

I really love this, the artwork and dialogue is adorable! I just really hate using WASD lol

Reminds me of those old learn to type games from the 90's lol, those were some weirdass games I'm telling you

This game is just so..out there
I love it. The low resolution eagles were the best part of the game
This brought me a smile during a hard time, thank you :)

Fuck level two tho that shit is mind boggling

Lol this was funny, i love all the references you snuck in, especially the pico one lmao

Game has potential, but like many other's said, the controls are super wonky and the signs are a little too difficult to fix. I literally spammed my whole keyboard just to fix one sign. On a more positive note, the sprite is really cute! So, extra points for that

Wow, this was beautifully done. It reminds me of some games that Markiplier played awhile back, and I love the story. The story was creative, and sent chills down my spine. And yes, I will play again just to see what happens when the woman catches you. Wonderfully done, and congrats on getting daily third place!

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Hmm, the controls are interesting but it's not my type of game. Im sure others will like it though! I think if there was some OST, gameplay would have been a lot less awkward though

Hey I really like this man, I think its a creative concept and the fact it was done in 48 hours is impressive! I like the meaning of it, and how it shows emotion through blocks flying everywhere, it's incredibly relaxing. Great job!

Super sweet, I know its like, super late to be playing this game but who says you can't have a little holiday spirit in June? Seeing all of these fantastic artists collab to make such a charming game brings me joy. Also, seeing the "Spread the love" donation thing just lit up my heart, thanks for putting that in there so that others can have a happy Tankmas. I hope I'll see something like this when Tankmas rolls around again!

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