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I like this, it's obviously inspired by pac-man so what's not to like? Only thing is, the movements feel very delayed, like I'm not in control at all, and that's what kind of ruined it for me. Other than that, good game!

Yo I loved this! especially the dry humor that shit cracked me uppp. I convinced a friend of mine to play this while we were on call together and it was fun to figure out the lil puzzles together! I tried originally by myself it just wasn’t as fun lmao

PAHAH I love this! I really did not expect this at all when I loaded up the game, like seriously. I saw the cover-art and thought it was some hiking game for some reason LOL, I never even looked at the title. But this was a pleasant surprise, it's different and quirky, and god do I enjoy just driving the motorbike around the barren terrain. The music is nice n chill, so it really gives the 3d barren wasteland character. Congratulations to all of you for being front-paged and receiving 3rd place! <3

Absolutely addicting! But goddamn that third level is gonna be the end of me LOL

I really enjoyed how simple and cute this was! It's definitely one of my favorite NewGrounds games now!

Sadly I'm also having the same issue as another reviewer had. The game won't start up, even with countless refreshes. I hope this will be fixed soon. But at least the cover-art is adorable, that's what drew me in!

kovonaut responds:

Huh this seems to be a worryingly common issue at the minute… I’ll inform the other team members but I’m surprised it’s only just now that this bug has started to occur

Yo Stepford made another amazing game? Thats not a shock! You're a huge inspiration man, and you're on the road to more success! Congratulations on being front-paged yet again!

Stepford responds:

Thank you so much! <3

I LOVE THIS. It reminds me of something, I just can't put my finger on what..

Super cute, I've been playing a lot of Newgrounds games to cheer me up recently, this one did just the trick :)

I don't think its that bad! Animation is smooth, coloring looks great, but all of the attack buttons for me were a little difficult to remember. And, maybe a boss for the first fight wasn't exactly that fair either. But! I really like this, wonderful job!

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