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Everyone did such a great job putting this project together! I'm glad you could make it happen Redd, I know we talked about this idea when I first strolled on to Newgrounds, and it's cool that it actually came to life!
Everyone did amazing with interpreting their Newgrounds themed cards, especially Orchard :) And the definitions of said cards are cute and hilarious!
The music is super cute too!
All in all, an adorable little project <3 Much love!

OrchardPalace responds:

Ey, ey, much love to you too<3 My skrongle :)

With my lack of braincells, and your talent Ant, we can create godlike creations such as this
This was a super fun idea, I'm glad you could bring it to life!

Ant responds:

Of course, lol! XD

Awesome game! I hate the fish, he angers me

AtreyuGilbert responds:

You can no longer play as Luigi.

ferha responds:


Everyone did an amazing job with their pieces, especially that UnevenPranskter dude! Wonder who that is..
Anyway, this was a really neat unexpected collab honestly, and seeing so many people I know work on it adds to that radical factor! I'm pretty late to the party at this point but hey, it doesn't hurt to say it now, Merry Yiikmas everyone!

TheHauntling responds:

We’re working on evening him out :)

Even though I suck at math, you did an amazing job making this nifty lil game :)

UnevenPrankster responds:

Thx love!

Sadly I'm also having the same issue as another reviewer had. The game won't start up, even with countless refreshes. I hope this will be fixed soon. But at least the cover-art is adorable, that's what drew me in!

kovonaut responds:

Huh this seems to be a worryingly common issue at the minute… I’ll inform the other team members but I’m surprised it’s only just now that this bug has started to occur

Yo Stepford made another amazing game? Thats not a shock! You're a huge inspiration man, and you're on the road to more success! Congratulations on being front-paged yet again!

Stepford responds:

Thank you so much! <3

Wow, this was beautifully done. It reminds me of some games that Markiplier played awhile back, and I love the story. The story was creative, and sent chills down my spine. And yes, I will play again just to see what happens when the woman catches you. Wonderfully done, and congrats on getting daily third place!

Primajin responds:


Hey this is pretty swell! Im in love with the art, ost, and storyline! It's all so original. But, that singing mini game seriously needs some tweaking. You lose fans so quickly and it takes forever to try and keep them entertained, you lose so many in 2 seconds it's a bit crazy. But, that may just be me, other than that, love it!!

toffeescoffees responds:

thank you so much! yeah, the singing minigame is really tough at first! what helps is increasing your charm (so, buying drinks) and your agility (evading the cops) ! let me know if that helps! ^_^ thank you for playing our game, it means a lot :)

Super cool man! Can't wait to see more!

JamesChapp responds:

Thank you very much for visiting the gallery.
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