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A Quick Intermission(lol i lied its a long intermission)

Posted by Ugasisvelta - 12 days ago


Just coming over here, and pausing my little hiatus for a second to post this

A little intermission if you will, like they do in hockey

hahah i love hockey!!!


This post is gonna have a LOT of stuff going on I've been writing it for an hour, maybe 2 hours, while running on a few hours of sleep

I haven't slept properly since finals started please god ok anyway !!!!!!!!!!!

My good friend @Ant recently got together with the one n only @hawtdogull and god are they cute together !! They made these sweet little loving news posts about each other and I thought "hmmm I wanna do that but with Brody instead !!!!!!!"

And so I am, it'll be just a little different! I'll even go over some lore WOAH !!!

ok lets start

Me and Brody are going on our fourth month together, and that's absolutely crazy to think. 4 months??? Has it really been that long! Woah! Time really does fly by when you're havin a good time!

We came into each others lives when we needed each other most, and I think that's absolutely beautiful man.

Brody is seriously, the perfect dude. I can't put exactly how into words he just, is.

He's incredibly patient, loving, and god is he funny.

He made me bawl laughing the other night because we were talking about board games, and he pretended to violently move a chess piece and for some reason, that was the fucking funniest shit? Like, wow.

(He's also incredibly beautiful and pretty oh my god he looks like the Riddler but 100000x better)

(I legit can't get over how pretty he is its unreal)

This is really, the best relationship I've ever had. It's so healthy, and we just get along perfectly. We have so many things in common, and he treats me so, so well.

It's been hard to get used to, I haven't had the best luck with relationships. I could explain some more of the deep lore now but, that's for the documentary.

Simplified somewhat recent Ugasi lore incoming:

I haven't had the best time with relationships.(wow I just mentioned that lmao) I was introduced to dating very early, and my longest relationship which was almost 3 years long, was incredibly complicated and toxic. We started dating at a very young age, and with my trauma, that did NOT mix well. That relationship ended coming up to almost a year ago now, and it's crazy to see how much I've grown as a person.

Just last fall, I got into a new relationship which was again, toxic. I was neglected, and man it just sucked

(originally I was going to rant about him but man, it's not worth the energy. this is about Brody, not some douchey band kid who can't kiss well)

More positive lore !!! yippie !!!!!!!!!

Me and Uneven were together for a bit, it was pretty cool! I was confused at the beginning of it, so we were pretty on and off, but we got a hold of everything the third try! He treated me well and we enjoyed our time together! We just couldn't make it work for multiple reasons and that's completely okay! He's still one of my closest friends to this day, and I'm incredibly grateful for that. He's been supporting me since day one, and he's an amazing friend.

Uneven, if you're reading this, hey! Thank you for everything, I know we've been through a lot together, and like I said earlier, you're an amazing friend. I'm so glad you're still in my life, and thank you for the support through everything.

Back to Brody, he is the man of the hour after all!

Who tf knew that a 70's obsessed psychedelic nerd and a juggalo (soon to be)ice hockey player would get together! Fuckin ultimate combo

On a more serious note

I've never been more happy, we relate to everything, we understand each other, and we're there for each other man. Everything seems to be working out perfectly for us, and we're both incredibly pleased.

We may even be meeting for the first time this summer! WOOHOO!

As I've mentioned previously before, Brody may even be MOVING CLOSER TO ME??? His family has connections in the state next door to mine, and man it would be perfect if he ends up moving closer to me! He'd only be an hour away, FUCKING SWEET!

I love that man to bits, I can't explain that enough. I don't feel scared to love anymore, I'm not scared to say "I love you".

He makes me so happy, I feel like he was the missing piece I was missing this whole time. (that was cheesy AS FUCK but it's true)

And, whenever we talk about the life we plan to have, I can't help but smile with my big ol' teeth and maybe even tear up a little.

It's so beautiful, being in love. And I couldn't be happier that I'm in love with my Brody.

I don't even view him as @OrchardPalace anymore, he's just Brody to me.

I'm so glad I crossed paths with an angel.

I really do consider him to be an angel, he's been so good to me, especially now when I've been needing it most.

Thank you for everything these past few months, Brody. Soon, those months will turn into a year, and that year will turn into years.

I can't wait.

I love you <3



Ah..Young, Newgrounders in love..

Absolutely beautiful.

Sorry for such a weird post, I'm usually not this vulnerable and open when I post stuff but, man I just had to get it out, yknow?

I'm sure this may have been cringe worthy to read, and I apologize LMAO I get very passionate when I write

i am also very sleep deprived


After the show tomorrow, I will be continuing my hiatus! Only for a few more days or so, it all depends on how I'm feeling. I've had some stuff come up while I've been on my break, and I want to keep my stress levels low.

I also did not expect to write this much! wtf! This was supposed to be quick and I wrote a goddamn essay.

maybe I can turn this in as my final for English(jokes, ahahahahha so funny!!!)

I'll see you guys around, take care of yourselves!



You two are freakin' adorable and I hope as always you've all been doing better and better fighting off the stress n' stuff.
I am glad to have helped you then by treating you so well and glad to help you nowadays by supporting you. You are very important to me as are many others here and I want only the best things to grace you all, and the bad things to not leave one scratch on you all. Stay well Skyler!

Thank you so much Luis, you've always been such a sweetheart, Im always happy to hear from you and to work with you! Thank you so much for the well wishes, you really did help me when we were together, it had been awhile since I had been with someone so kind and genuine, so thank you for helping me get a headstart back into the world of love, and thank you for being such an amazing friend.
Stay well, Luis!