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Ugasisvelta's News

Posted by Ugasisvelta - 12 days ago


Just coming over here, and pausing my little hiatus for a second to post this

A little intermission if you will, like they do in hockey

hahah i love hockey!!!


This post is gonna have a LOT of stuff going on I've been writing it for an hour, maybe 2 hours, while running on a few hours of sleep

I haven't slept properly since finals started please god ok anyway !!!!!!!!!!!

My good friend @Ant recently got together with the one n only @hawtdogull and god are they cute together !! They made these sweet little loving news posts about each other and I thought "hmmm I wanna do that but with Brody instead !!!!!!!"

And so I am, it'll be just a little different! I'll even go over some lore WOAH !!!

ok lets start

Me and Brody are going on our fourth month together, and that's absolutely crazy to think. 4 months??? Has it really been that long! Woah! Time really does fly by when you're havin a good time!

We came into each others lives when we needed each other most, and I think that's absolutely beautiful man.

Brody is seriously, the perfect dude. I can't put exactly how into words he just, is.

He's incredibly patient, loving, and god is he funny.

He made me bawl laughing the other night because we were talking about board games, and he pretended to violently move a chess piece and for some reason, that was the fucking funniest shit? Like, wow.

(He's also incredibly beautiful and pretty oh my god he looks like the Riddler but 100000x better)

(I legit can't get over how pretty he is its unreal)

This is really, the best relationship I've ever had. It's so healthy, and we just get along perfectly. We have so many things in common, and he treats me so, so well.

It's been hard to get used to, I haven't had the best luck with relationships. I could explain some more of the deep lore now but, that's for the documentary.

Simplified somewhat recent Ugasi lore incoming:

I haven't had the best time with relationships.(wow I just mentioned that lmao) I was introduced to dating very early, and my longest relationship which was almost 3 years long, was incredibly complicated and toxic. We started dating at a very young age, and with my trauma, that did NOT mix well. That relationship ended coming up to almost a year ago now, and it's crazy to see how much I've grown as a person.

Just last fall, I got into a new relationship which was again, toxic. I was neglected, and man it just sucked

(originally I was going to rant about him but man, it's not worth the energy. this is about Brody, not some douchey band kid who can't kiss well)

More positive lore !!! yippie !!!!!!!!!

Me and Uneven were together for a bit, it was pretty cool! I was confused at the beginning of it, so we were pretty on and off, but we got a hold of everything the third try! He treated me well and we enjoyed our time together! We just couldn't make it work for multiple reasons and that's completely okay! He's still one of my closest friends to this day, and I'm incredibly grateful for that. He's been supporting me since day one, and he's an amazing friend.

Uneven, if you're reading this, hey! Thank you for everything, I know we've been through a lot together, and like I said earlier, you're an amazing friend. I'm so glad you're still in my life, and thank you for the support through everything.

Back to Brody, he is the man of the hour after all!

Who tf knew that a 70's obsessed psychedelic nerd and a juggalo (soon to be)ice hockey player would get together! Fuckin ultimate combo

On a more serious note

I've never been more happy, we relate to everything, we understand each other, and we're there for each other man. Everything seems to be working out perfectly for us, and we're both incredibly pleased.

We may even be meeting for the first time this summer! WOOHOO!

As I've mentioned previously before, Brody may even be MOVING CLOSER TO ME??? His family has connections in the state next door to mine, and man it would be perfect if he ends up moving closer to me! He'd only be an hour away, FUCKING SWEET!

I love that man to bits, I can't explain that enough. I don't feel scared to love anymore, I'm not scared to say "I love you".

He makes me so happy, I feel like he was the missing piece I was missing this whole time. (that was cheesy AS FUCK but it's true)

And, whenever we talk about the life we plan to have, I can't help but smile with my big ol' teeth and maybe even tear up a little.

It's so beautiful, being in love. And I couldn't be happier that I'm in love with my Brody.

I don't even view him as @OrchardPalace anymore, he's just Brody to me.

I'm so glad I crossed paths with an angel.

I really do consider him to be an angel, he's been so good to me, especially now when I've been needing it most.

Thank you for everything these past few months, Brody. Soon, those months will turn into a year, and that year will turn into years.

I can't wait.

I love you <3



Ah..Young, Newgrounders in love..

Absolutely beautiful.

Sorry for such a weird post, I'm usually not this vulnerable and open when I post stuff but, man I just had to get it out, yknow?

I'm sure this may have been cringe worthy to read, and I apologize LMAO I get very passionate when I write

i am also very sleep deprived


After the show tomorrow, I will be continuing my hiatus! Only for a few more days or so, it all depends on how I'm feeling. I've had some stuff come up while I've been on my break, and I want to keep my stress levels low.

I also did not expect to write this much! wtf! This was supposed to be quick and I wrote a goddamn essay.

maybe I can turn this in as my final for English(jokes, ahahahahha so funny!!!)

I'll see you guys around, take care of yourselves!


Posted by Ugasisvelta - 2 weeks ago

Why hello there good friends of Newgrounds! It's your good friend, Ugasi here.

I've decided that I'm going to go on hiatus for a bit. No worries, I'm alright! Nothing bad has really happened. I'm just mentally and physically exhausted, and I'd like some more time alone(and of course with Orchard)

Everyone has periods to which they need to hibernate for a little, and I'm having one of those periods. I've discovered I'm honestly very introverted, and that I enjoy my time alone more than I like being out with big groups of people

Which is shocking for someone who runs a podcast lmao

But hey, I'll be alright. Just need some time to do my own thing. Finals are around the corner, and after that I just wanna relax, y'know? Relax n rest.

Stress makes me really wacky, I really lose myself when I get overwhelmed, and that's been happening a lot lately. I'm not myself, I'm just incredibly exhausted, like I mentioned. I've noticed I've become very snappy, and very..I'm not sure what the word is. Like, I'm not very animated or emotive like I usually am.

I want to make sure I'm in the best shape for podcast shit, so that's another reason why I'm taking some time off.

Like I said on Twitter, please do not dm me on any social media. That's another thing I'm trying to stay away from, social media stresses me out man. It really alters your mind, it's crazy.

I'll be back soon, just need some time to rest. And don't worry, that interview with Carvey will phase into existence like I've been promising. I assure you :)

Have a great day folks, see you soon! And, make sure to take care of yourself


Posted by Ugasisvelta - 2 weeks ago

HEEEEELLLO EVERYONE! You already know who it is I don't need to introduce myself

191 followers! Holy moly! That's 9 away from 200!!! 200 eyes, eyeing upon my profile and listening to my show. FRIGGIN. CRAZY.

I'm so grateful and I can't explain how grateful I am, it's eternal gratefulness yo!

Now...here's the plan for the next few weeks, and possibly month.

I got finals to do! Gross! Awful! Disgusting! AUGH! But I gotta do em, and I'm gonna do my best on em. The next week I'll be pretty quiet as I'll be working my ass off to finish everything.

What's next! Podcast episodes!

That's right! I got more tricks up my sleeve! I may get around to recording one last episode before finals but, with how tight my schedule is I may have to reschedule with Power and Carvey, and I'm sure Powers not gonna crucify me to a cross made out of empty cigarette cartons.

I hope not.

Anyway, podcast episodes! I have a lineup and I have people in mind that I'd like to interview! Tons of em! During the summer, there's definitely gonna be more content production.

Speaking of summer...

BRODY MAY BE VISITING ME!!! HOLY SHIT! We're so excited, we're gonna kiss and eat taco bell crunch wraps and play on my Nintendo 64 I struggle to turn on everytime I wish to play

What a dream come true~

Oh yeah baby! SHAGADELIC!

But in all seriousness, we're super excited and I'm gonna gush about that lil nerd for a second


I have never been so happy, like actually. This relationship we have is just..perfect. And everything just works out perfectly too. Like take for example, he's literally moving back up to New Hampshire within the next year or so, he'd only be an hour away from me. He's also possibly coming to visit me this summer(like I previously mentioned), I'm gonna meet his family, and most importantly I'm gonna see him for the first time in person. What we have is a perfect fit, and I'll never let him go <3 he's such a talented, kind, beautiful soul, and I truly adore him.

I love you, @orchardpalace <3

It's honestly really odd how a website can unite people like that, not only do you meet amazing friends you know you'll keep, you may also meet a potential lover. How fuckin awesome is that! You really get it all on here!

Alright alright, 'nough with the gushing hehe

Let's talk about that documentary for a second!

I have plans, big plans. I don't think I'll be able to do it live action like I wanted to do, but like

How would I even do that lmao, that would take forever! Plus, it probably wouldn't come out good if I'm being honest.

So, with that, I'm gonna talk with Brody about making an animated intro, we may even decide to make it a collab! That'd be radical!

Whatever happens with this project, I know it'll work out just fine :) and if it's too complicated to produce now, there's always another time!

Wowie! That has to be my longest news post, thanks for reading if you got this far!

I appreciate you, and I'm so excited to produce more for you guys! It'll be a good time ;)

Thank you again for all of the support, Ugasi loves ya!


Posted by Ugasisvelta - 3 weeks ago


Thank you all so much for the love and support coming up to the last year, I can't believe we're almost at 200! That's fucking insane! So thank you to all 183 of you, and thank you to the supporters who lurk in the shadows, this support means the world to me.

I'm so glad so many of you enjoy my content, clout really doesn't mean anything to me. Ever since I was the ripe age of 12, I've been doing interviews, I've always loved meeting new people, and especially people that so many people look up to. I love getting to know their stories, their inspirations to do what they do. It's fascinating to me.

I'm so grateful for everyone I've met over the past year, if it wasn't for this site, I wouldn't have met the love of my life, or the friends I know will last.

I'm so, so grateful. And I can't wait to keep producing more for you guys! I truly love to make people laugh and smile, it makes me feel all fuzzy.

Thank you.

As a general update, I'm doing well! School is coming to a close soon, finals are coming up n all, and it's so hard to think I'll be a junior within the next few months! That's fucking crazy! I'll be fucking 17 soon! Jesus I'll be old!

I'm also proud to announce that @OrchardPalace is moving closer to me within the next year or so, that's fucking INSANE. We're both so excited, and we have huge plans which will be revealed when they're ready to be revealed, when the time is right! (Please please go check out his newest piece!! It deserves so much love!)

I also have a ton of people coming on the show soon, and I just finished an interview with @CarveyShow, that should be up tonight!

Have a great day everyone, and thank you again for all the love!❤️ I couldn't be more grateful.



Posted by Ugasisvelta - April 6th, 2022


Thank you all so much for the support! It honestly means the world to me but I feel so bad I haven't had any time to produce for you all.

I promise however, I have a very special episode coming up next month with a very VERY special guest! I should be getting more time to produce in the following months, which is honestly exciting! I've missed producing for you guys, I love to make y'all smile :)

Here's a lil update on what's goin on in my life!

IM LEARNING HOW TO DRIVE!!! HOW FUCKIN AWESOME! I'm petrified but, I gotta learn one of these days! I'm actually getting behind the wheel for the first time today!

I'm also leaving my first job! I can't say so much right now but, I have my reasons for leaving. Nothing too juicy, but I'm sure I'll talk about it on a future podcast episode.

I'm getting my grades up and working out more, and honestly I'm feeling great. I'm still working on managing my nic addiction, but it's getting better. Sadly I relapsed not too long ago, but I'm going on two weeks clean now! Good shit!

And finally, me and Brody(aka @orchardpalace) are planning on meeting for the first time in the next few months! I'm HELLA fucking pumped! Our three month anniversary is also coming up within the next few weeks and I'm super excited for that too, I'm planning to send out a nice lil package for him <3

But, overall, I'm feeling good! Hella fuckin good! And thank you all for the support, I can't express how grateful I am for all of this. I really never thought I'd get here, yet here I am! All thanks to you guys.

Thank you again.



Posted by Ugasisvelta - March 17th, 2022


In the past few months, we've hit a lot of milestones, we went from 70, to 80, TO 131?? WILD!!

Thank you all so much for the support, and thank you to everyone who's been here since the start. I never thought I'd reach such a milestone but here we are. This shit is just, insane.

Yesterday on my Twitter, I made a tweet about how Newgrounds has changed my life for the better. I started making myself known in the original NGP server coming up to a year ago(RIP TO THAT SERVER MAN that shit was sad honestly I feel bad for laughing at the memes n everything), and that was the best decision I ever made. I joined, and made so many friends, and I just put myself out there man.

That was around the hardest period of my life, and I'm so glad I was able to grow from everything that had happened.

I really can't thank all of you enough, but there are some people I want to give a direct shout-out to(I LOVE DOING SHOUT OUTS !!!)

@OrchardPalace 💙 @Ant @CarveyShow @UnevenPrankster @RoligtJackson @FalcoTZ @FelipeNoel @itsreddqueen @xcorpzthealien (I MISS YOU CORPZ<333) @CarterSterling @nleolantor @Xinxinix @GrayNG @Goobee @ThePowerWithin @VoicesByCorey @Mindchamber @littleponyfan

NOW..what's next?

Well, I'm not sure to be honest with you. I love doing stuff for Newgrounds, I do, but my love for hockey has been reignited and that's something else I want to dedicate myself to. Balancing school, work, Newgrounds, and a sport all at once is incredibly difficult, but I'm gonna figure out a way around it.

The season for teams in my area is over, and honestly I am NOT ready to play on a team BAHAHA

Just recently I went out skating for the first time in like, four years? And at the start I struggled to keep my balance, I was even humbled by an older guy who handed me a crate (believe me I'm grateful he saw me struggling but it was so embarrassing to explain to him that I have previous experience) BUT I MANAGED!! AND OH BOY DID I SKATE and then stopped three seconds later because my ankles were on fire BUT NONETHELESS I SKATED

But, getting back on topic. What's next for Newgrounds?

Well, I have content ideas in mind! My only issue is finding the motivation to do them. My mental health still isn't the best, and it's something I'm still flattening out, so it can be difficult to want to produce while also having an existential crisis while struggling with somewhat of a nic addiction(whoops)

BUT ILL BE OKAY DO NOT WORRY !!! I'm making life better for myself best I can, and slowly but surely. I am supported by the best people I know, and with them around, I'll bounce right back to normal. HELL YEAH HOMIES that was my lil ramble

Have a great day, stay frosty, God Bless



Posted by Ugasisvelta - February 12th, 2022




Posted by Ugasisvelta - January 9th, 2022

Hey everyone, Ugasi here! I know y'all expected an episode today but I may possibly have COVID right now and I'm not feeling the best. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience but I know y'all will understand :) Stay well folks, COVID is out there and it's out to get ya, so do what you can to keep you and your loved ones safe and healthy!

Also, I may post another blog later just as a general update to what's goin on in Ugasis world! But later, for now, imma rest and online shop


Posted by Ugasisvelta - January 6th, 2022

AYO JUGGALOS AND JUGGALETTES! HAPPY OFFICIAL NEW YEAR! Hope y'all are having a wonderful and healthy start to the year I know I sure am!!! We just hit 70 fans!! And the person who took 70th place is someone I really look up to, give it up to MindChamber folks! He'll be coming on the show for a nice lil coffee date soon enough, BE READY!!!

Stay well folks, we got an episode coming up on Sunday with my homie 8BitAnt!


Posted by Ugasisvelta - December 31st, 2021


But man, even though it was a shitty year, last summer changed my life for the better. I never knew a discord server would change my life like, in a positive way and not a traumatic way LMAO

I won't explain all the details here (COUGHAACKAKKitll be in the documentaryAACCKK) but WTF I've met so many amazing people I know will stick. And yes, I'll be tagging them because I'm cool like that stfu

But man, it's been rough lately imma be real with you folks. Home life over here at the Ugasi residence hasn't been pretty, and again I won't give many details here but I'm really gonna have to make a decision that will change my life. If you want more details you can dm me or wait for the documentary lol

I'm so fucking grateful for all of the wonderful people I've worked with and bonded with it's just nice to have actual friends dude, even if they aren't psychically here. I had a real shitty irl friend group that I just recently got out of and I feel so much happier without their sorry asses.

Yeah that's right, you know exactly who you are if you're reading this, because your stomach just dropped. You know exactly who you are, go fuck yourself lmao

Anyway! I'm not gonna be a negative nelly here that'll bring down the vibe so lemme write out yet again, another thank you to my closest homies. These people have supported me through the roughest shit, we've laughed like hyenas in our calls, and we've genuinely bonded over our special interests, please give it up for:

@XcorpzTheAlien, @UnevenPrankster, @FalcoTZ, @CommanderKuni, @OrchardPalace, @DemisurgeX, @Thepowerwithin, @8BitAnt, @CRF-Sage, @CarveyShow, @nleolantor, @ShpionLV, @saphtea, @RoligtJackson, @BoneyStones, @itsreddqueen

Y'all fucking rock, and I know y'all will stick.

LMAO imagine us using discord in our thirties still talking that would be kinda funny BHAHAHA but nonetheless, thank you. I'm grateful for friends who are y'know, real. Real people.


I plan on making a trailer for the upcoming documentary, keep an eye out for that homies!! I'm so excited to make this for y'all, and I promise you it will be interesting. It won't be just "man, I was sad one day!!1! So!!! I went to ngp discord server and made a show!!!1" it really does go deeper than that. I'll be exposing my childhood and my past to you all, which is quite a jump. Like wow, a 16 year old is making a documentary about their trauma wtf was it that bad

Sucks to say, but yeah, it was that bad.

Anyways, here's to a new year folks! Love you all, and thank you for everything again. I couldn't do this without you guys.

Death 13. -A new beginning

YEAH I fucking threw in a tarot card at the end there what are you gonna do about it